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Head Hunters Celestine Glass Project presents a unique opportunity to partner and promote your product or company with strategic product placement, usage and brand awareness.

As part of our team, we'll create strategic brand connections and alignment through one-of-a-kind experiences and original content. With your support, we'll highlight the extraordinary products and services our partners carry, and the inextricable effects we can create for your brand or company.

Partner with Us


Exeutive Producer and Host, Jonathan Killman along with 5 well known glass artists bring their recognition as influencers, will build the Head Hunters brand, and leverage the collective power of partner brands.

We'll extend the reach through existing and new channels and drive social engagement to attract viewers and grow an engaged audience.

60 DAYS to AIR

  • Media outreach (via email & twitter) to editors, websites, local news stations of partner cities, cannabis and craft glass bloggers. (Month or two prior to launch.)


30 DAYS to AIR

  • Establish recognizable identity/hashtag and interest through teases with video clips across FB/IG/Twitter/TikTok. Video clips will be crafted to highlight individual Head Hunters partners for specific promotional use to their audiences. Post these teasers on YouTube as well.

  • Rough estimates:

    • 7,800,000 paid REACH across Facebook & Instagram utilizing cannabis & glass blowing interests - broad targeting on age/demographics - entire US

    • 1.5k - 4.3k daily reach using $10/day REACH budget (FB, IG & Audience Network partners - YouTube, other websites, ads will be placed in newsfeeds as well as in-stream while viewers are watching videos on platforms)



  • Switch to Engagement ads which direct people to take an action (click to visit a site)

  • Rough estimates:

  • 9,200,000 paid reach for ENGAGEMENT ads (driving people to website or Roku channel)

  • 512 - 1.5k daily reach using $10/day ENGAGEMENT budget across (FB, IG & Audience Network partners - YouTube, other websites) with anticipated engagement of 67-193 clicks/day

  • 767 - 2.2k and 100-289 anticipated daily clicks at $15/day




If you would like to Partner your company/brand with The Head Hunters TV series, please fill out the form below.

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Think you have what it takes to be one of the Cast? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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Coming soon 2022

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